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 #	Yet Another 3D Java Game
-## Contributors
-Meitian Huang   u4700480
-Zunyi Liu       u4499582
-Yiwei Xu        u4834608
 ## What Does It Do
 ## How to Run
-The main class is under src/Game/
-*The rest is left as an exercise for the reader.*
+The main class _src/Game/Starter.java_.
+You need to download a copy of jMonkeyEngine from [here]( and add the .jar file to the class path.
 ## Requirements
 In order to run this program, you need to have at least:
 * OpenGL 1.0
 * Java 6
-* Imagination!
 ## License
 , which is completely
 open-source under the BSD license.
-For more information, see LICENSE.
+For more information, see LICENSE.