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#	Yet Another 3D Java Game

## Contributors
Meitian Huang   u4700480

Zunyi Liu       u4499582

Yiwei Xu        u4834608

## What Does It Do

> A ball, rolling within a maze needs to get to their destination at the other
end, while avoiding holes. When the ball falls into a hole it is returned to
the beginning of the maze. The player cannot directly control the ball.
Instead, the player must alter the angle of the maze floor, tilting it using
the up, down, left and right arrow keys. The ball obeys the laws of physics
and will roll due to gravitational pull and accelerate until it hits the wall.
The ball will stop rolling when it hits the wall.

## Rules
1. You may see more than one cyliner. The largest one is the end. 
2. You may see more than one ball. Your goal is to make the smallest ball fall into the end.
3. You must win in (level * 20) seconds.
4. The score is initially 10.
5. If the score is less than 0 or the time is up, the game
is stopped.
6. You can restart the stopped game, but your socre will
be halved.
6. If you fall into a hole, the score is reduced by 10.
7. If you win, the remaining time (in seconds) will add to
your score.

## How to Run
The main class is under src/Game/
*The rest is left as an exercise for the reader.*

## Requirements
In order to run this program, you need to have at least:

* OpenGL 1.0
* Java 6
* Imagination!

## License
This program is under the BSD license. 

This program uses a game engine called jMonkeyEngine <>
, which is completely
open-source under the BSD license.

For more information, see LICENSE.