Multiple CHD rename/re-org does not always create respective directory

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Issue #101 resolved
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When you have many CHD files at the root of a directory and Romcenter detects that it needs to create a folder for each one of them in order to organize/fix them, it will normally create a dir for each and move the CHD in it. However for some files it will fail to do so and will rename the actual name.chd to instead of creating dir/name.chd and when you click fix again, nothing happens.

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  1. Gino

    Here is part of my log for a renaming issue where Romcenter shortens the name of the files when trying to fix them, making them undetectable anymore by the MAME software. I think it doesn't like multiple "." dots in the name.

    bbh\ : rename rom bbh_v1.00.14.chd to bbh_v1.00.chd bbh2sp\ : rename rom bbh2sp_v2.02.11.chd to bbh2sp_v2.02.chd bbh2spa\ : rename rom bbh2sp_v2.02.09.chd to bbh2sp_v2.02.chd bbh2spb\ : rename rom bbh2sp_v2.02.08.chd to bbh2sp_v2.02.chd bbhcotw\ : rename rom bbhcotw_v3.02.05_cf.chd to bbhcotw_v3.02.chd bbhsc\ : rename rom bbhsc_v1.60.01.chd to bbhsc_v1.60.chd bbhsca\ : rename rom bbhsc_v1.50.07_cf.chd to bbhsc_v1.50.chd carnking\ : rename rom carnival_king_v_1.00.11.chd to carnival_king_v_1.00.chd chasehq2\ : rename rom to chase_hq_2_v2.0.6.chd deathsm2\ : rename rom ds2_4.0.chd to ds2_4.chd : rename rom gp2xsound.wav.wav to gp2xsound.wav gtfore01\ : rename rom golf_fore_v1.00.25.chd to golf_fore_v1.00.chd gtfore02\ : rename rom golf_fore_2002_v2.01.06.chd to golf_fore_2002_v2.01.chd gtfore03\ : rename rom golf_fore_2003_v3.00.10.chd to golf_fore_2003_v3.00.chd gtfore03a\ : rename rom golf_fore_2003_v3.00.09.chd to golf_fore_2003_v3.00.chd gtfore04\ : rename rom golf_fore_2004_v4.00.00.chd to golf_fore_2004_v4.00.chd gtfore04a\ : rename rom golf_fore_2004_v4.00.08.chd to golf_fore_2004_v4.00.chd gtfore05\ : rename rom golf_fore_2005_v5.01.06.chd to golf_fore_2005_v5.01.chd gtfore05a\ : rename rom golf_fore_2005_v5.01.02.chd to golf_fore_2005_v5.01.chd gtfore05b\ : rename rom golf_fore_2005_v5.01.00.chd to golf_fore_2005_v5.01.chd gtfore05c\ : rename rom golf_fore_2005_v5.00.00.chd to golf_fore_2005_v5.00.chd gtfore06\ : rename rom golf_fore_complete_v6.00.01.chd to golf_fore_complete_v6.00.chd hotd4a\ : rename rom mda-c0004a_revb_lindyellow_v2.4.20_mvl31a_boot_2.01.chd to mda-c0004a_revb_lindyellow_v2.4.20_mvl31a_boot_2.chd initiad4c\ : rename rom mda-c0004a_revb_lindyellow_v2.4.20_mvl31a_boot_2.01.chd to mda-c0004a_revb_lindyellow_v2.4.20_mvl31a_boot_2.chd kofskyst\ : rename rom kof_sky_stage_v1.00j.chd to kof_sky_stage_v1.chd kofxii\ : rename rom kof xii.v1.00.chd to kof xii.v1.chd pwrshovla\ : rename rom power shovel ver.2.07j.chd to power shovel ver.2.chd raizpinj\ : rename rom raizin ping pong ver 2.01j.chd to raizin ping pong ver 2.chd roadburn\ : rename rom road burners v1.04.chd to road burners v1.chd samspsen\ : rename rom samurai spirits sen.v1.00.chd to samurai spirits sen.v1.chd trbwtchs\ : rename rom troublewitches_ac_v1.00j.chd to troublewitches_ac_v1.chd wontmuch\ : rename rom wontmuch_v1.00.chd to wontmuch_v1.chd

  2. Gino

    FYI I had the same issue listed at the top as well but I could not recreate it. I will post a log as soon as it happens again.

  3. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Please post the file located at c:\programdata\romcenter\romcenter_xml.log. There is one file per day and is much more detailed.

  4. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    I have found the problem. It seems mame removed the trailing chd extension in the dat extracted from mame.exe. I added a control and now it's working. It will be available in next release.

  5. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    This is fixed and will be released with rc3. Rename rom -> give the correct chd name Remove useless rom -> move the chd in folder

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