RomCenter fails to identify two correct files.

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Issue #112 on hold
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I'm using RomCenter to analyze my Sega Master System ROMs.

There are two files it fails to correctly identify. I'm using the standard no-intro .dat, and the two files in question are "[BIOS] Hang-On (USA, Europe) (v3.4).sms" and "Sonic Spinball (Europe).sms". I have both of these files - and I've verified manually that the CRC, MD5, and SHA1 hashes for them all match exactly what appears in the .dat file. Regardless, RomCenter marks them as unknown in my files, and as missing in the database.

RomCenter hashes the two files in question differently. It lists the CRC hash for the [BIOS] file as 161fbfcf, and for the Sonic file as 8917b0f6.

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Problem confirmed. I will review the sms plugin. Until then, you can deny to use the plugin during dat import.

  2. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    The sms plugin is derived from ucon64. bios hang-On: ucon find a header of 794 b and return a wrong crc. Correct crc is the raw crc, as all other bios roms. sonic: crc is ok in ucon (raw crc, no header), but wrong with the plugin

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