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The standard No-Intro .dat for the Commodore Amiga lacks any hashes for the game "Rugby - The World Cup (Europe) (Alt 1)". RomCenter seems to take this as a cue to say I own the ROM, and marks it as complete in my collection even though I don't have it. It even marks the ROM as owned if I don't point RomCenter to any folders.

The full entry from the .dat is:

<game name="Rugby - The World Cup (Europe) (Alt 1)">
    <description>Rugby - The World Cup (Europe) (Alt 1)</description>
    <rom name="Rugby - The World Cup (Europe) (Alt 1).ipf" status="nodump"/>

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    This is the normal behaviour. For mame, a game can be playable even with a nodump or baddump rom. So they are flagged as found (notice the cross other the icon).

    Anyway, you're correct that the behaviour is not right for consoles. I will add an option to make them missing.

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