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RomCenter 4 RC3 tells me that my roms need to be fixed but the dat says for exemple:

<game name="Akumajou Dracula (Japan) (SNES) (Virtual Console)">
    <description>Akumajou Dracula (Japan) (SNES) (Virtual Console)</description>
    <rom name="000400000f703400\00000000" size="3629056" crc="B53246C4" md5="755DCB2C5B0E035F2FEAED3B40EB76AC" sha1="801A5124FFA1339F5CCF701756117F51B5DC2615"/>
    <rom name="000400000f703400\00000001" size="176128" crc="60EA1010" md5="F2EA3DDA472377548728C05C392C0646" sha1="7C3FF2D8056426EA3AF4B9B193FAAB41B19A613B"/>
    <rom name="000400000f703400\tmd" size="4708" crc="00761291" md5="AF2641E765BBAAF933816D7FD1C5791C" sha1="E3BA4AE57F7C1FACC8EE1A5342BB4A6AA503AE36"/>

But for some reason RomCenter want to remove the "000400000f703400" folder and only keep the files in the root of the archive.

My files are Torrent7Zipped.

This happened on my New 3DS DLC and Xbox 360 DLC.

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  1. Yago Méndez Vidal

    Before this is implemented, a message warning saying that it’s unsupported would be welcome.

    I’ve tried No-Intro dat for Nokia Ngage and using RomCenter fix utility stripped down all the files inside the zips, rendering them unusable.

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