Updating a database

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Wanderer created an issue

When updating databases (specifically TOSEC ones, where the name of the original dat file changes), the current process is a little tricky.

One has to: Open the database, press Update button, delete the destination file name (by clicking in the field, pressing CTRL+A and then Del), select the source data file and then the destination filename is automatically created from the source file.

It would be nice to have a new setting for this, either in global Options or in the dat's settings (the second option may be better because it can be set per datafile?). The setting could be something like "always rename destination filename from source when updating db" which when checked, after the selection of the source filename by the user, it would always re-create the destination filename even if the respective field is not blank.

This setting could be in global Options though instead of datafile Settings, if RC can successfully discover in which cases it should be applied and how.

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