Romcenter doesn't recognize Roms it should

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Have files for a dreamcast backup in a zip folder. Romcenter says the files are "Not Needed Here" and wants to move them to a different ZIp file when doing a fix. Manual hash's show the files match the redump .dat file If you let Rom center fix the file, it will create a new nonexistent zip file with some of the files, and leave a few in the original archive. The file will go green event though it doesn't match the dat file and the zip file has only a few of the files that it is supposed to have.

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    I have found the problem. 'Rippin riders' is a clone of 'cool boarders burrrn', and some rom are merged. These rom merge status have been detected by romenter and implicitly created as such. This is a mistake in the dat, track 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 and 18 are identical in both main and clone. If you want all rom (merged or not) in your zip, use the 'un-merge' rom mode in settings.

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