Cancelling operation does not always work

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Wanderer created an issue

I have executed several “cancel” operations by pressing the STOP sign while something was in progress. The last operation i cancelled was something i had done by mistake (fix of a rom folder containing 5 yellow files and about 2500 grey), so i pressed STOP and because it was taking some time, i pressed STOP again. Nothing was happening so i went to close the program. Now it froze. Here is the log that’s visible on screen:

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Stop requests an abort operation. The on-going operation responds to this request by aborting process, but it does it in a clean way, finishing the work on the current file. It could take some time depending of the fix to be done on the file (on each process).

    I will have a look if I can do something.

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