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I've been attempting to build a complete MAME 0.78 non-merged set from various other MAME sets I have laying about. It's been pretty seemless using RomCenter. One issue, though, is that at some point some of the WAV samples got renamed with a double extension. E.g. "explo3.wav" becomes "explo3.wav.wav". Annoyingly I've even had it where it's showed as green inside the set and won't show as yellow (Bad name) until I reload the rom path. Refreshing doesn't work.

This bug has affected me probably three times in the last week with this same set. It's happening after some combination of fixes. Hopefully my log file gives some clues.

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner


    Unfortunatly, I can’t reproduce the problem.

    Does it happen only with this dat ?

    Can you isolate a file and an operation which produce the error ?

    If yes, can you post here the dat and the file ?

    Thanks for your help

  2. Ben Melluish

    Okay, so I was able to reproduce the issue. I would imagine it happens with all DATs, but I’ll describe exactly which DAT and ROM I used:

    1. Started a new Romcenter database with a “mame2010” DAT using “Unmerged” mode for ROMs, BIOS and samples.
    2. Added a rom path “roms/” that just contained a single set, “clowns.zip”. This set has one sample “miss.wav” which was already merged into the zip.
    3. Then I went to settings and changed samples mode to split and selected a folder on the same level as “roms/” called “samples/”, which was blank.
    4. After Romcenter had reorganized the database it correctly turned the WAV file yellow and said something to the effect of “It doesn’t need to be here”.
    5. Then run fix on the rom path and it will correctly create “samples/clowns.zip” and move the WAV into in, BUT if you highlight the samples path you will see that it’s telling me that “miss.wav” has a bad name and that it should be called “miss.wav.wav”.
    6. If I then run fix on the samples path it renames “samples/clowns.zip/miss.wav” to “samples/clowns.zip/miss.wav.wav” and displays it as green. (even though the filename is now wrong).
    7. Then if I reload (not refresh) the samples path “samples/clowns.zip” turns yellow again CORRECTLY indicating that the filename of the WAV is wrong. Running the fix on samples then fixes it for good and the problem doesn’t come back.

    I used to have all my sets completely unmerged, but recently I switched to having my samples in a seperate dir. This is the only reason I found the issue 🙂

  3. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Thanks a lot for the details.

    It will help me fixing the problem 🙂

    I will check that this evening.

  4. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    The mame2010 datafile describes samples files with the extension:

    <sample name="bang.wav"/>

    Standart dats don’t specify the extension (can be flac also). That’s why you get two extensions in some cases.

    I will fix that.

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