Check of 1G1R uncheck itself.

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Issue #176 duplicate
Steve Beaudoin created an issue

Sorry for this duplicate of #175. I forgot to login. You can close the other one.

Salut Eric,

I am using a DAT file importer from dat-o-matic, a parent-clone XML file as many other romsets. But even if it is available, I can't select 1G1R, it deselect by itself for no reason, that I know of. Though, I can still select countries. This has as effect that the unselected countries are considered not needed, but I still have duplicates is a rom is available in many countries.

I consider it major as it make the roms take a lot more disk space. Or, I will have to clean the dat file manually or develop a tool to do it.

Any idea why I can't select 1G1R. It looks like a condition unclick it.


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