Romcenter can't create a rdt database - Error: Dynamic SQL Error - Code 104

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I have to report a Bug (but Maybe it, is user error :) I am new to RomCenter )

the bug is that I can't create any Game Database with RomCenter.

when RomCenter tries to create a Database I got this error (see below), this happens with every DAT-file (that are delivered with RomCenter and the DAT-Files from DAT-o-MATIC)

Error: CREATE TABLE DATAFILETMPEXTtmp2862 EXTERNAL 'C:\Users\User's PC\AppData\Local\Temp\tmp2862.tmp' ( GAMENAME CHAR(260) , CLONEOF CHAR(260), ROMOF CHAR(260), SAMPLEOF CHAR(260), DEVICEREF CHAR(260), GAMEDESC CHAR(260), GAMEYEAR CHAR(15), MANUFACTURER CHAR(260), ROMEXTENSION CHAR(10), ROMNAME CHAR(260), MERGEROMNAME CHAR(260), ROMSIZE BIGINT, SIGVALUE CHAR(50), SHA1 CHAR(50), ROMTYPE CHAR(20), DUMPSTATUS INTEGER, DRIVERSTATUS CHAR(15), SOURCEFILE CHAR(60) ); Error: Dynamic SQL Error SQL error code = -104 Token unknown - line 1, column 60 s Duration: 00:00:06 Ready

naturally, I searched first if someone had the same Bug, I found some Bug Reports here where the solution was to Check the DAT-File if it has any illegal Characters but as I said this happens with every DAT file.

Is this a Bug ? or is it a user Error? did I use it wrong?


PS: sorry for my English (I am obviously not a native speaker :) )

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