Blank last modified timestamp crashes Romcenter to desktop when you try to fix

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Issue #208 wontfix
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For some reason I have some really old files with blank last modified properties. Romcenter crashes trying to fix the name on them. The error says it is because of the timestamp.

I tried fixing the file through powershell, but it won't update (changing creationtime and accesstime works fine). I ended up using the following command in dos to fix the file:

type BombJack.d64 > BombJackNew.d64

I deleted the old file and Romcenter recognized the new file as a valid rom and fixed the name.

At the very least, you might add checking the modified timestamp in a try/catch to keep the software from crashing to desktop.

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Can’t reproduce this problem. And without log file, can’t locate where it happens. Files date are stored in local file system and can’t be empty. Your file is probably corrupted.

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