Ability to read Rar5 with Recovery Record

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The current SevenZipSharp component used in RomCenter doesn't seem to support Rar5 with Recovery Record by saying that I've corrupted files (and it tried to read it as .tar instead).

I haven't tried using this SevenZipSharp's fork with rar5+recovery record, but maybe it can read it?

I understand that Rar5+Recovery record is totally a niche among collectors, so I guess this is a very minor issue :)

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  1. Merlijn Wissink

    I'd like to add that romcenter does not lack support for rar5 + recovery record, but it lacks support for anything rar5 at all. Which is a shame. Rar5 is a pretty good compression format, it compresses almost as good as 7z, but the decompression time is way lower. I'd love to see rar5 support added to romcenter. At the moment I have to either check roms before archiving or use other tools to check the roms.

    I believe writing rar archives costs money (licenses), but I'd be more than happy if romcenter could at least read rar files, verify the included roms and show a list of missing ones (plus maybe ones that need to be renamed) :)

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