ROMCenter calculating wrong CRC for some ROMs

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Issue #231 resolved
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Some ROMs on my collection, using "Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (Combined) (20210119-061911)" dat file, the CRCs are not being calculated correctly.

There are some ROMs that are not being calculated their CRC correctly. When calculated by hashmyfile (a freeware app that calculates various hashes), Romcenter does not calculate the correct CRC. Is there a issue with snes.dll plugin that Romcenter uses?

Wrong CRC calculated by ROMCenter: Cassette Kensaki - NUS-you S Cassette (Japan) (En) Kaizou Choujin Shubibinman Zero (Japan) Lion King, The (USA) (Beta 2) Lobo (USA) (Proto) Magic Boy (USA) (Beta) (1993-03-03) Mario Paint (Japan, USA) (Beta) Mick & Mack as the Global Gladiators (USA) (Proto) Mr. Bloopy - Saves the World (USA) (Demo) (1994-06-21) (Level 11-G) NFL Football (USA) (Proto) Oraga Land Shusai - Best Farmer Shuukakusai (Japan) (Sample) Super 20 Hab (Korea) (Unl) (Pirate) Super Fire Pro Wrestling 3 (Japan) (Demo) Superman (USA) (Demo) (1992-05-25) Tom & Jerry (USA) (Proto) (1994-07-11)


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  1. TheShadowRunner

    Update the DAT (even to same version, doesn’t matter), and when prompted to use snes.dll say No.

    This makes RC compute CRC internally and your roms will be correct.

    The plugin thing is not only useless, it’s broken !

    It should be disabled by default or removed entirely imho.

  2. TheShadowRunner

    Eric, please implement an option to disable the plugin system (and disable prompts each time when updating DAT), completely.

    It is 100% useless for Redump/No-intro and just an annoyance at this point.

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