bug: rom/bios/sample mode statusbar doesn't update

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Issue #234 closed
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Using romcenter 4.1.1 (see screenshot)

The rom/bios/sample mode statusbar at the bottom doesn't update when you change the merged/split/unmerged setting for rom/bios/sample

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  1. Jessica Jones

    I can confirm this.

    The setting window for rom/bios/sample mode doesn't change the statusbar value.

  2. Jessica Jones

    Clicking the refresh button doesn’t help (like you ask)

    I just saw this: no matter what mode you choose merged/split/unmerged for rom/bios/sample, the statusbar doesn’t change but when restarting the program, the chosen values are reset again to:

    rom: split

    bios; split

    sample: merged

    It seems this is also part of the bug: romcenter resets the values at restart (or just never applies them because the statusbar never changes)


  3. Jessica Jones

    I’m not sure if the rom/bios/sample settings work as I think they do.

    I go to File → Update and I am in the “update database” window. There I click “access advanced settings”, change the settings and click OK. After that I go back to the main window by clicking on the back arrow on top of the window. Nothing is changed in the statusbar after doing these steps.

    Do I understand it correctly you must create a new database (=extracting a new database out of mame.exe) there just to change rom/bios/sample settings for the current database?

    That’s a bit silly.

    It should be possible to apply the rom/bios/sample settings to the current database without extracting a new database out of mame.exe

    Please explain how the settings are supposed to work, thx!

  4. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Settings in ‘File/Update’ are used to prepare settings to be used for updating a db. If you cancel the update, settings are canceled.
    To change settings of the current db, go ti ‘Settings’ in the toolbar and change them from there.

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