no dump available: green or yellow color?

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Jessica Jones created an issue


Currently games with one or more “no dump available” ROM files are listed as incomplete files (yellow). See screenshot for example.

Romcenter also gives a warning the game will not run in mame because ROM files are missing. But the game just runs fine in MAME because “no dump available” ROM files are ignored by MAME.

But since MAME’s xml explicitly tells there is no dump available for some ROM files, isn’t it better to list those games as complete files (green) in Romcenter?

Because yellow files are supposed to NOT work in MAME, but a game having one or more “no dump available” ROM files DOES work in MAME. So should it not be listed as complete files (green) because a ROM manager must report the same problem as MAME for a game and in this case you report a problem (“no dump available” ROM file) but MAME doesn’t see this as a problem.

Just my thoughts about this.

Thx for reading

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    You’re right. I could change that in a future version. I will think about it…

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