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i'm a frequent user of RC and i have a pair of proposals. - Frequently is possible to download romset in zip format sometimes this zip file is very large. Could be possible introduce an istrument allowing me to manage this kind of file without open it and unzip all the roms inside?

  • RC allowe me to copy or move roms from 2 different location but in case it founds the same rom whit the same name change the second in xxx_0. i sincerusly don't know why i could be interested in have 2 identical roms in the same condition (green-green) or different (green-red) is on freespace on HD lost but is not possible introduce somethink to found redundant roms helping to have a clean romset?

ty for yor work..

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner


    Not sure to understand…
    romcenter can work with rom either unzipped, zipped or 7zipped (and also rar, but just extracting)
    You can drop your big zip file in a rom folder and fix it in romcenter.

    Or maybe do you mean zip of zip ? in this case, it would be very slow to analyse it. Each zip would be extracted to be themselves analysed. And same thing for fixing.
    And afaik, no emulators can use zipped roms inside zipped archive anyway.

    About xx_0 files, this is internal temporary naming and should not remains after fix. It is also used for corrupted files, to avoid their deletion.

    If you still have xx_0 after a fix, please submit a bug with sample files.

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