[b10] RC Window overlaps Windows taskbar

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Issue #30 resolved
Wanderer created an issue

If RC's previous window state was maximized, when it opens, it overlaps the Windows taskbar (Win7x64SP1 here). In any case, if the window is maximized, it overlaps the window taskbar.

I've seen this happening with Visual Studio IDE so i'm guessing it's a general .NET problem... I just hope it's fixable.

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  1. Wanderer reporter

    OK, i'm closing that issue. I think it is indeed a .NET bug (in combination with Win7) but it seems that what it happens, if you hide and restore the toolbar it does not happen again (for a while at least).

  2. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Yes. I already tried to find a solution, but it would be some kind of hack. The problem is still there in the last w10 version.

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