Saving window location, size and state on close should work differently

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Issue #31 resolved
Wanderer created an issue

When RC is closing, it saves the main window position and size so when it reloads, it retains them. That's nice but it should not happen when it's maximized upon close. In that case it takes the whole screen so if after reloading it you restore it, it still takes the whole screen. It would be better to not save the dimensions and location in that case so when the window is restored after load, it will be in the same place and have the same size as before maximizing it. RC should only save the "maximized" window state.

Now, in case of "minimized" state, RC should not save it because after startup, the window stays minimized. This may happen unintentionally (i.e. restart windows while RC is minimized). In that case, RC should save that the window is in "normal" state.

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Fixed. When maximized, the 'restore' size is saved instead of the current size. When rc starts, it will restore in maximized state, but if you go back to normal, the previous size is restored. When minimized, I force the state to 'normal', using the 'restore' size as well.

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