Error message during MAME db creation "the underlying provider failed on Open", in RC4.0.0b11

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Issue #45 resolved
MELERIX created an issue

during the MAME db creation it throws that error message and stop creating the db.


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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    This error happens when the database (.rdt) is still open in another version of romcenter. Maybe you have 2 versions running at the same time ?

  2. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Can you post the log file (C:\ProgramData\romcenter\romcenter_xml.log) ? Delete log file, start rc and raise the error, then zip the log file and post here. I would like to know when it happens exactly. It is maybe a problem with the db not having time to be unlocked until the next operation start. I have added some delay and unlock checks, but I want to be sure i'm at the right place.

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