Still got random errors with RC1.1 when creating .rdt files.

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Just tried RC1.1 and I still got random errors while creating .rdt file.

I attached 2 logs, 1 is for "operating system directive CreateFile failed" error and 2 for "The underlying provider failed on Open." error.

It seems to be random, as I said in a previous post, sometimes I get one of those errors and sometimes it just works...

Dat file used: No-Intro Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System (20171119-121520).

I'm on Windows 10 (1709), do you need to know something else in particular that could help you?

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  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Hi Thank you for reporting. I never had these problems myself, but I found one new bug which may improve things.

    If I send you a private debug version, can you test it against your dat and tell me if the problems are solved ?

  2. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Here we go. This is a modified 1.1 version with lot of debug logs, and an update to the way things are imported. Try to reproduce the problem and if it's still there, post the log. Thanks bslenul.

  3. bslenul reporter


    debug_romcenter_xml1.log is for "operating system directive CreateFile failed" error
    debug_romcenter_xml2.log is for "The underlying provider failed on Open." error

  4. bslenul reporter

    The errors appear later than the previous debug version (I can see the 2nd loading bar now), but still there!

    Like before:
    debug2_romcenter_xml1.log is for "operating system directive CreateFile failed" error
    debug2_romcenter_xml2.log is for "The underlying provider failed on Open." error

  5. bslenul reporter

    Well, I tried 5 or 6 times just to be sure and... I didnt get a single error :D

    Thank you so much, for your work and your patience! <3 I guess you dont need it but just in case I'll attach the log file.

  6. bslenul reporter

    Well nope, got an error after loading ONLY the NES dat file...

    So its still happening but its waaaaaaay less frequent than before, except when I load the SNES dat file first, if I load the NES after I always get an error.

  7. bslenul reporter

    Sorry I messed up with the log names, debug5_romcenter_xml*.log are logs from debug4.

    I'll try debug3 again, with multiple dat files this time.

  8. bslenul reporter

    Well "The underlying provider failed on Open." might be fixed, after 15+ tries I can't get this error with debug3.

    "operating system directive CreateFile failed" every time when I load multiple dat files (I tried with GB and GBA, same thing).

  9. bslenul reporter

    Well after few more tries I can't get any of the 2 errors anymore, I tried to load dat files in different order, using dll or not, etc.

    Do you need the log even if its working or it is useless? This one is pretty big since I opened 6 dat files (~17MB) :D

  10. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    That's good news ! No, no need for logs. I will create a small app which open and close a db to attempt to reproduce the error. I will open a ticket in db project. Maybe I will ask you to run it. Thank you for all.

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