Make RomCenter to ignore files with a given extension (.ppf and.ips patches files, save files...)

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Issue #8 new
Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner created an issue


can you make RomCenter to ignore patches files please ?

the following files are used for patches (generally for translations) of some games:

.ppf .ips

Note: possibly there are more patches extensions to be ignored, as: .aps and .ups files, more info here: [^]

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  1. Ced-le-pingouin

    I think an option to do this would be very helpful. If gamelists are placed in the rom folders, we could ignore them as well, and prevent RomCenter to show them as “useless”. Same for “media” folders used when scraping. That way we don’t need two copies of a romset folder, one with just the roms (on which we use RomCenter), and one with the gamelist and the media files.

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