RomCenter 3.7.1 renames SNES roms to MGD unexpectedly

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Issue #83 resolved
Former user created an issue

Using the UI and included no-intro dat (Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System Parent-Clone (20120322)), when I run Roms -> Advanced -> Rename Roms, it renames them to use the .mgd extension.

This is unexpected because the source roms are in .sfc format and the .dat file also specifies .sfc. The source of my roms is the no-intro collection from (2017-05-29)

Exact repro steps:

  1. Open RomCenter 3.7.1
  2. File -> New
  3. Load games list from datafile
  4. {romcenter_root}\Datas\nointro\Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System Parent-Clone (20120322).dat
  5. Open
  6. Create the game database
  7. temp.rdt
  8. Save
  9. File -> Add rom path
  10. Navigate to folder containing the individual .zip files containing the .sfc files
  11. OK
  12. Expand Rom files in the left-hand navigator
  13. Expand the folder you added
  14. Click a zip folder
  15. Note that the file on the right is .sfc
  16. Roms -> Advanced -> Rename Roms
  17. Note that the file on the right is now .mgd

Interestingly, the "Rom name" entry in the right panel for the games also appear to be .mgd, I do not know where RomCenter is pulling this data.

Comments (2)

  1. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    Romcenter uses a plugin for this snes datafile. The plugin will analyse the rom content and identify the real game crc and also the rom format. Romcenter can then rename the rom using its real format (mgd here). This is a normal behaviour and your emulator is capable of reading this file.

    Please switch to romcenter 4, v3 is obsolete.

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