Bug when upgrading RC and opening it for the first time

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Issue #84 resolved
Wanderer created an issue

Here's what happened.

  1. I had Romcenter RC1.1 on my PC.
  2. Upon startup, i noticed it automatically opened a data file. I'm not 100% sure but i think last time i had no datafile open before closing RC, but... anyway...
  3. It reported a new version (RC1.2). I selected to download it and then closed RC1.1
  4. I copied all files of RC 1.2 in the Romcenter folder and then i reopened it.
  5. Upon startup, it opened several datafiles, rather old though, in different tabs.
  6. I closed all tabs, closed and reopened Romcenter. The datafiles were opened again!

I'm not 100% sure what's happening but i'm guessing that the first time RC is executed, it upgrades its config file. Normally it should get the config from the previous version, copy it under a new "AppData\Local\romcenter\RomCenter.exe" subfolder and proceed. It seems that the upgrade is not done from the last version but rather from a much older beta, which contained those old databases.

This might be an irritating problem for users not familiar with the internals and peculiarities of .NET, so it would be nice to find the cause of this and make sure it does not occur in the future.

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  1. Wanderer reporter

    The cause may be due to a change in RC versioning. Here are the contents of my LocalData Romcenter folder

     Volume in drive C is System
     Directory of C:\Users\<SNIP>\AppData\Local\romcenter\RomCenter.exe_Url_zc4rtjll0qbsr3s1mka23dbcvv3amlcf
    01/03/2018  18:09    <DIR>          .
    01/03/2018  18:09    <DIR>          ..
    07/11/2015  00:37    <DIR>
    19/10/2016  09:03    <DIR>
    01/03/2018  17:50    <DIR>
    25/11/2017  16:11    <DIR>
    20/02/2017  23:02    <DIR>
    19/02/2017  20:25    <DIR>
    14/09/2017  08:19    <DIR>
    18/02/2017  22:02    <DIR>
    01/03/2018  17:53    <DIR>
    24/03/2016  14:44    <DIR>          4.0.15310.828
  2. Eric Bole-Feysot repo owner

    I have verified versioning scheme of all dll and some of them are out of sync. Maybe that was the problem. I fixed the versions and they are now all correct. I will keep an eye on that.

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