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In the name of Allah

This is an effort to extract data from Imam Khomeini's Sahifeh software of

Look at Data/Nur00064.Cdf. Now you should know that charset tool should be run
on Data/Nur00016.Cdf, and sahifeh tool on Data/Nur00085.Cdf.

Usage: sahifeh [input-file]

If you love your eyes, redirect output of sahifeh tool to a file!

Output is an XHTML file beautifiable using some CSS. These are the CSS classes:

title: Titles
hadith: Hadithes in main text
aya: Ayas of Quran in main text
poem: Poem snippets in main text
comment: Comments by somebody other that Imam Khomeini in main text
footnote: Footnotes
footnote_aya: same as 'aya', but in footnotes
footnote_hadith: same as 'hadith', but in footnotes
footnote_poem: same as 'poem', but in footnotes
footnote_comment: Same as 'comment', but in footnotes

If you create some nice CSS, please contribute it to the project.