Ebrahim Mohammadi avatar Ebrahim Mohammadi committed 7e382d2

Support for easy migration from redmine_ckeditor (or any other HTML-backed formatter) implemented

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 module RedmineRestructuredtextFormatter
   class WikiFormatter
     def initialize(text)
+      @content_is_html = text.strip[0..0] == '<'    # Check if format of content is HTML using a naive heuristic!
+      if @content_is_html
+        @text = text
+        return
+      end
       # TODO: Implement UI to config these and the CSS and store them in DB:
       @text = <<-EOD
       .. role:: underline
     def to_html(&block)
+      return @text if @content_is_html
       # TODO: Make the the parameters configurable:
       RbST.new(@text).to_html(:language => 'en', :part => 'fragment', :tab_width => 4)
     rescue => e
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