Redmine reStructuredText Formatter

This is a Redmine plugin for supporting reStructuredText as a wiki format using either RbST, which can convert all RST but is slow, or PandocRuby, which only supports a subset of RST but is fast.


RbST/docutils version (master branch)

This is potentially quite slow. RbST processes reStructuredText via Python's docutils, and docutils is slow. As far as I can tell, Redmine always formats text using a helper on each request, which means this plugin will likely add a few tenths of a second to each request, possibly more. On my machine, normal views take 450-550ms to render with the default textile option and 650-750 with this plugin. Heavily marked-up pages like the RST cheat sheet bumps it up to 1.2s. I wouldn't recommend this for public-facing pages, but it's probably OK for private Redmine instances.

PandocRuby version (pandoc-ruby branch)

Pandoc is much faster than docutils and should be roughly as fast as the native textile, but it only supports a subset of RST, so some features like tables are not available. This version is available on the pandoc-ruby branch. This branch doesn't have a toolbar.


RbST/docutils version

PandocRuby version


This plugin was derived directly from Larry Baltz's redmine_markdown_formatter.