bdiff: Binary Diff Program

This package contains two command-line tools for generating rsp. applying >patches< to binary
files. The term patch is here used to denote a file that contains a description of differences
from one file to another. The patches generated by "bdiff" are unidirectional: They describe
only those differences that enable transforming one file (called the base file) into another
(called the derived file), not the other way round as a bidirectional patch would.


For installation, you can unpack a binary release and copy the files bdiff and bpatch
(rsp. bdiff.exe and bpatch.exe) to a directory searched for command-line tools (for convenience).

If there is no binary release available for your system, or you want to mess with the source code,
you can also download a source release (or get the sources from CVS, see below), and build/install
the common UNIX way, by calling "configure", "make" and finally "make install" (you will typically
have to have superuser privileges for this final step). This will also require a ISO- and POSIX-
compliant C++ compiler, at least compliant enough to get these sources compiled properly.

For questions, see the file FAQ first.

For further information, suggestions, bug reports and the like, please visit