time reference does not seem to work properly

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Stefan Schelm created an issue
  • python 3.6.3
  • passlib 1.7.1

This is a rather special use case: I want to generate tokens which are valid over a number of calendar days with respect to UTC. I set up the token factory accordingly

 allowed_duration_d = 1
 allowed_duration_s = 86400 * allowed_duration_d
token_base = TOTP(key = key_string_enc, alg = 'sha256', \
     period = allowed_duration_s, digits = num_digits)

I then set up the base for generate as such:

yy = 2017
mm = 12
dd = 5

allowed_date_z = datetime.datetime(yy, mm, dd, 0, 0, 0, 0, \
    tzinfo = datetime.timezone.utc)
allowed_date_s = int(allowed_date_z.strftime("%s"))

token_raw = token_base.generate(time = allowed_date_s)

Considering RFC 6238, chapter 4.2 my expectation is that this would generate a token which would be valid from 2017/12/5, 0000 UTC to 2017/12/6, 0000 UTC. Checking token_raw.start_time and token_raw.expire_time though gives me validity from the 4th to the 5th. I checked the settings for allowed_date_z with +1s, +min and +1h and only with the +1h, the start_time and expire_time switched to the expected behaviour. As I am on UTC+1 I made certain to use UTC, as seen above.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

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