Please restore a way to generate "truncated configuration-only strings"

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Zack Weinberg
created an issue

In older releases of passlib, genconfig would usually produce a "truncated configuration-only string" without any "output" component: for instance,

>>> sha256_crypt.genconfig()

In 1.7, genconfig fakes an "output" component, and has also been deprecated, with the documentation saying to use .hash("") instead. This means there is no way to produce truncated configuration-only strings anymore.

Please restore a supported method for producing truncated configuration-only strings. I want this for interoperability testing: specifically, I help maintain a Unix crypt implementation (libxcrypt) and I was hoping to write automated tests verifying that both hashes and configuration strings generated by passlib are compatible, in both directions, with hashes and configuration strings generated by libxcrypt. If passlib drops support for generation of configuration strings with no output component, I will have to make my test program know how to chop off the output component, which is more knowledge of the structure of these strings than it should have. Also, .hash("") actually computes a hash and is therefore significantly slower than .genconfig().

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