ImportError: cannot import name 'clock' from 'time' (unknown location)

Issue #111 resolved
laundmo created an issue


  • python 3.8.0
  • passlib 1.7.1

Inside a flask-project.
The error seems to be related to using a deprecated method:

The function time.clock() has been removed, after having been deprecated since Python 3.3: use time.perf_counter() or time.process_time() instead, depending on your requirements, to have well-defined behavior. (Contributed by Matthias Bussonnier in bpo-36895.)

This completly breaks passlib and my flask application.

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  1. Eli Collins repo owner

    Hi! This is dup of issue #107, fix will be included in the 1.7.2 release coming out this week!

    (If you need fix right now, it should be safe to install a copy directly from the “stable” branch, it’s just one or two minor bugs away from full test & release)

  2. Eli Collins repo owner

    No problem! I blame Bitbucket for not providing an issue status like “Resolved Pending Release” or somesuch, would make things easier for everyone.

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