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Now that SHA3 is out, the issue has come up periodically of adding it to passlib.

The primarily frontend change would be to add a PBKDF2-HMAC-SHA3_512 hash format. In terms of coding, this should present little problem. However - SHA3 was designed to be *more* efficient in hardware than SHA2, meaning that while SHA2 still stands, SHA3 would in fact be *cheaper and easier* to brute force. So, strictly from a password hashing perspective, SHA3 offers no particular benefit.

Furthermore, as of 2013-1-4, the pysha3 project ( still has some architecture-specific bugs and build issues, and notes that it's not suitable for HMAC yet (due to a lack of test vectors). At the very least, this issue is on hold until that project's status changes.

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  1. Eli Collins reporter

    Due to issues such as outlined in, it seems unlikely SHA3 will ever be suitable for password hashing, as long as SHA2 is standing; particularly until servers with dedicated hardware for sha3 are common.

    And by then, argon2 is probably going to be superior for the task.

    So putting this on hold indefinitely.

    Though a pbkdf2_sha3_256 class could be easily defined -- once official HMAC test vectors are available, and pysha3 exposes the .block_size parameter -- neither of which has happened as of 2016-6-25

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