decrecate vs depreciate

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Luke Mergner
created an issue

This is a bit pedantic, but I think you might have meant to use "depreciate" in passlib.CryptContext instead of "deprecate". See here.

passlib version 1.6.5

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  1. Nick Sloan

    @Luke Mergner You are mistaken. Deprecate means to "express disapproval". It is commonly used in software to describe functionality that is still supported, but which is no longer approved for new use. This perfectly aligns with the goal of deprecated hashes in CryptContext: the hash is still supported for legacy passwords, but other hashes are preferred.

  2. Luke Mergner reporter

    In that case, I'm sorry to have wasted your time. I must have been making the mistake myself without realizing it. Thanks for your work on a great library.

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