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Steve Piercy created an issue

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  1. Eli Collins repo owner

    I've been watching argon with anticipation, it'll definitely be getting added into passlib.

    While I'd like to offer a pure-python fallback for all the password hashes supported by passlib, I don't think that's going to be feasible in this case. So it'll probably end up being in the form of a dependency on the argon2_cffi library.

    The main thing holding this back is that I'm still in the process of rearchitecting the CryptContext internals to handle some more complex cases with multi-dimensional work costs, such as scrypt & argon2.

  2. Hynek Schlawack

    Argon 1.3 has been out a while and part of argon2_cffi 16.1.0.

    Let me know if you need anything.

  3. Eli Collins repo owner

    Thanks, I'm actually hoping to finish up adding support today. I have the argon2_cffi backend mostly done, and working on integrating argon2pure as a backend.

  4. Eli Collins repo owner

    Argon2 support added as of rev 15e87ffa39ac, supports both argon2_cffi & argon2pure :)

    This will be in the 1.7 release, which will be out this or next month. (Delay is because I have some other general improvements that need making).

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