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There is a small documentation misheap at

For the ident parameter, it is first stated

Typically this option is not needed, as the default ("2a") is usually the correct choice

But the 2b value tells a different story

"2b" - latest revision of the official BCrypt algorithm, current default.

I'm guessing the actual default depends on the backend so I have no idea what to change

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  1. Eli Collins repo owner

    Doh! I missed updating the first sentence when the default was changed; will have that fixed in next release.

    The actual default (for 1.7 at least) is 2b, regardless of backend. Even if the backend doesn't support 2b, there's some internal code that wraps the backend so that it does.

    You can verify the default for a particular release by looking at:

    >>> from passlib.hash import bcrypt
    >>> bcrypt.default_ident
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