scrypt: add backend to support stdlib's hashlib.scrypt()

Issue #86 resolved
Eli Collins repo owner created an issue

Python 3.6 added a "hashlib.scrypt()" method. Should add support for that in passlib.crypto.scrypt, and make it the preferred backend.

Took initial stab at coding this, but don't have access to a python 3.6 build that was linked against sufficiently new openssl 1.1; which seems to be a prerequisite for stdlib support to be present. So initial code has been shelved away such a build is more commonly available.

Stdlib's version also includes a "maxmem" keyword, which passlib's frontend doesn't have. Should add support for passing that through, as well as expand the builtin version to support this keyword; and investigate if there's a need & way to integrate this into scrypt hasher.

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