passlib.apache.HtpasswdFile generates bcrypt hashes that aren't compatible with htpasswd

Issue #95 resolved
Lie Ryan created an issue

passlib generates htpasswd with the $2b$ scheme:

$ python -c 'from passlib.apache import HtpasswdFile; pf = HtpasswdFile(default_scheme="portable"); pf.set_password("user", "test"); print pf.to_string()' | tee passfile

However, htpasswd fails verifying these hashes:

$ htpasswd -b -v passfile user test
password verification failed

This is because htpasswd expects bcrypt to use the $2y$ scheme. Simply replacing $2b$ with $2y$ produces a usable htpasswd file:

$ sed -i -e 's/\$2b\$/$2y$/' passfile
$ htpasswd -b -v passfile user test
Password for user user correct.

Expected behavior: passlib.apache.HtpasswdFile should generate a htpasswd-compatible password files.

Version info:

$ apache2 -v
Server version: Apache/2.4.25 (Ubuntu)
Server built:   2017-07-27T14:32:31

$ pip freeze | grep passlib

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  1. Eli Collins repo owner

    Thanks for catching this!

    I'll try and work up some UTs that actually run things through htpasswd so this doesn't reoccur.

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