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Autosave system like ZDOOM.

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  1. Braden Obrzut

    Definitely planned. There are some factors in Wolf3D that make some decisions here difficult though. For example, how should the lives system be handled. Of course I'm all in favor of users customizing their play experience so there will be plenty of options here. But the point is that it's not a simple matter of just calling the save feature and load feature automatically. ;)

    Some options I'm considering adding:

    • When autoloading, don't restore the lives counter so it still decrements.
    • Having saves cost 1 life.
    • Desent style lives system where the level can be restarted without losing progress.
  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Two options at once!

    "When autoloading, don't restore the lives counter so it still decrements." When player dies - 1 live down, and load game with pistol, 8 bullets. Only save score - to start level with bonuses upped on previous levels, like vanila does.

    "Having saves cost 1 life." If you died enough to zero live (only last live remain) - no autosave in next level. Until you find or score some.

    If used these options together we have something like this - save must work on two ways - travel to next level, or if you die - load the current level. Theoreticaly - when game over state is present - kill autosave automaticaly. This is arcade element and harder way to play =) You must be very careful and tactically trained.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Some new ideas - pistol start mode - which save only score and lives thru level. But it's another story.

  4. Scott

    Don't the majority of players of Wolf3D and Doom save very frequently? Like every time they clean out a room? I don't think players should be penalized for the game auto-saving when they can do it themselves anyways. Allow auto-saving to be turned off in a menu somewhere in case someone wants to actually lose lives.

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