Some secret pushwalls get stuck

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Filipe Tolhuizen created an issue

There's one in particular that keeps getting stuck, the red brick one in Spear of Destiny level 2. When I push it, the sound plays but it doesn't move. I could trigger this a few times, but it usually moves the way it should. Never seen this happening in vanilla unless there was something else blocking the way.

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  1. Filipe Tolhuizen reporter

    Don't know if this helps, but could be related to where the guard and SS are killed, nevertheless they're not in the way the pushwall moves. This could also be related to the enemies that get stuck more often than in vanilla. I also noticed that some doors won't close even if killed guards are far enough from them.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    This happens in Super 3D Noah's Ark too (steam), you can activate the wall but it won't move if a dead entity is blocking it's path. This doesn't happen in vanilla. If a live entity is blocking it, then you can never reactivate the wall.

  3. Michael

    There is another difference between vanilla and ECWolf. If a pushwall is blocked by a "dead guard" sprite, vanilla doesn't activate it. ECWolf opens it, but moves it 0 tiles.

    DEAD GUARD PUSHWALL FREE TILE Vanilla activates the pushwall only from the dead guard side. ECWolf activates the pushwall from both sides. When activated from the FREE TILE side, the pushwall moves 0 tiles.

  4. Jasyn Lewis

    I have had this same issue with SoD. I designed a level that has several small rooms of enemies blocked off by pillars (which you can shoot through) and you utilize pushwalls on the backsides to enter. Sometimes when you push the wall into the room to open up the entrance, the wall will get stuck at 0 or 1 space, preventing access. What’s odd is that it is inconsistant. Sometimes the pushwalls in those spots get stuck when there is no enemy or corpse in front of them, and sometime they will work correctly, even if there IS a corpse in front of them. It seems to be random.

    Edit: I am using ECWolf 1.3.3 (x64)

  5. Braden Obrzut

    @Jasyn Lewis It sounds like you have a good test case for this. Would you mind sharing your map or more preferably the section of your map that shows the issue?

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