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On the Doomworld thread, I mentioned that light scatterings of blocks that shouldn't be there are appearing in the automap. You responded as such:

"It may not be possible to fix this. It's imprecision in the renderer and the rays are cast through doors and corners. It happens in the other games with an automap, but they make sure to use the right textures in the corners." -Blzut3

I figured it was due to imprecise rendering, but I was implying that the renderer should be made more precise.

You also had this to say in regard to Mac Wolfenstein: "I haven't analysed it a whole lot of detail, but the code looks more organized and of course contains a BSP renderer instead of a ray caster." -Blzut3

Perhaps the same should be done here? I realize that this would probably require a major rewrite of the renderer, but I think it would be worth it.

I also find it annoying how the columns don't scale smoothly, it starts to get a jagged appearance up close. This probably has more to do with the scaling algorithm than figuring out which parts of the world to draw.

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