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Issue #241 resolved
Olga Orlova-Alley created an issue

When creating new maps for the game, testing them in ecwolf is a pain (it also is a pain in the official wolf3d binary, but I don't really think we need to keep it that way). First, you have to sit through a bunch of loading splashscreens, then you have to start the game, enter the debug mode and warp to the desired level... In short, it takes quite a while to even get to the desired level, and when iterating through multiple versions of a map, you'd rather be able to quickly launch the game, test your changes and exit.

ZDoom handles this with two command line arguments: -skill and -warp. For example, you could start zdoom.exe as zdoom -warp 02 -skill 4 to immediately start the second map on the Ultra-Violence difficulty, without any splash screens or menus. Suggest implementing these arguments for ECWolf as well, to simlify map testing.

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  1. Braden Obrzut

    Actually even vanilla has these. Warp is --tedlevel (named after the TED map editor), the skill level is --baby, --easy, --normal, and --hard. (Vanilla doesn't have any dashes, wolf4sdl added those.)

    As an extension ECWolf can take the map label as the argument to tedlevel instead of the map number. So --tedlevel map02 --hard.

    You can also speed things up with the --nowait switch.

  2. Olga Orlova-Alley reporter

    Oh, interesting -- I had absolutely no clue! Thanks for pointing this out. I think we might benefit from a wiki page describing these command line arguments, then.

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