Fullscreen Scaling Oddities

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NeuralStunner created an issue

64-bit (Hg/mingw64 build), Windows 7

My monitor's native resolution is 1280x1024. I have a dual-screen setup on a dedicated nVidia card. (I'm not sure how relevant that is - SDL seems to be doing borderless fullscreen.)

1280x1024 Fits the screen properly, but everything is over-stretched vertically. Forcing 4:3 makes no difference. This is how it comes out: ECWolf_1280x1024.png

1280x960 Ingame looks almost exactly like x1024, though oddly the menu scaling changes to a too-tall ratio. Here's the expected letterbox view (a mockup taken from windowed mode): ECWolf_1280x960-LB.png

1280x800 Looks fine, expands to 16:10 with 1:1.2 pixel ratio. (If I force 4:3 I can get 1:1 pixel ratio as well.) ECWolf_1280x800.png

640x480 The most odd, it's getting stretched to 1280x1024 as before, but with the scaling even more broken. Note the alternating thin/thick rows, especially; visible around the status bar: ECWolf_640x480.png

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