Spear Revisited hang on Windows

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Issue #258 new
Braden Obrzut created an issue


Using DRD Team 190202-2152 Spear Revisited hangs after the title screen. This issue does not occur on Linux.

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  1. T. J. Brumfield

    Using the latest 1.3.99999 I also can reproduce hanging on Windows with a decorate and mapinfo file I'm using. Going back to an earlier dev build from late 2018, the problem goes away.

  2. Daniel Webb

    I just tried Spear Revisited with the latest dev build on the DRD Team site (190529-2355) and it no longer crashes.

    EDIT: Well, the archive says it is 190529-2355 but when I launch it the title bar of the window says 190530-0355.

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