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I'm using retroarch 1.8.5 ECWolf's core. I am able to play the shareware files included in my download just fine, but alas for full or sod (and mission packs) they do not work. The screen simply goes white, please let me know how I can resolve this, thank you.

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  1. Braden Obrzut

    You'll need to contact the maintainer of the retroarch port since this doesn't sound like an issue I've seen upstream. However the one thing I can tell you to do is check your file hashes and make sure they match what's expected:

    Note that if you got Spear of Destiny on Steam then they ship the game with the SD3 mission pack active. ECWolf has code internally to work around that, but you should start the game on the original mission in Steam first before comparing the hashes.

    I'm not sure what would cause a white screen though especially if the shareware data is working since ECWolf doesn't change its behavior much based on what game data is used.

  2. Aaron Woodson

    This user I believe isn't playing on PC, but the Nintendo Switch version of retroarch. Though I will look into this to help if I can.

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