dotfiles / .hgsub

The default branch has multiple heads

Ed Brannin ecab403 

Ed Brannin 59ed59c 
Ed Brannin 7c06ae2 

hg/hgbb = ssh://
hg/hg-git = ssh://
hg/hg-prompt = ssh://

vim/bundle/vim-pathogen = [git]

vim/bundle/gundo.vim = ssh://
vim/bundle/vim-easymotion = [git]
vim/bundle/vim-surround = [git]
vim/bundle/vim-indent-guides = [git]
vim/bundle/ack = [git]
vim/bundle/vim-colors-solarized = [git]
vim/bundle/vim-trailing-whitespace = [git]
vim/bundle/nerdtree = [git]
vim/bundle/kwbdi = [git]
vim/bundle/yankring = [git]
vim/bundle/nerdcommenter = [git]
vim/bundle/sparkup = [git]
vim/bundle/vim-javascript = [git]
vim/bundle/vimwiki = [git]
vim/bundle/tabular = [git]
vim/bundle/puppet = [git]
vim/bundle/markdown-preview = [git]
vim/bundle/vim-indent-object = [git]
vim/bundle/vim-commentary = [git]
vim/bundle/vagrant-vim = [git]
vim/bundle/abolish = [git]
vim/bundle/html-match-tag = [git]
vim/bundle/taskpaper.vim = [git]
vim/bundle/simplenote.vim = [git]
vim/bundle/vim-markdown = [git]
vim/bundle/dwm.vim = [git]
vim/bundle/snipmate.vim = [git]
vim/bundle/vim-repeat = [git]
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