Ed Brannin avatar Ed Brannin committed 1088d48

Adding <cr> after the <leader>r and <leader>c mappings for :Redact & :CSV.

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 nnoremap <leader>C :!pbpaste \| wc<cr>
 "redact numbers with more than 4 digits, and certain bank reference numbers
-nnoremap <leader>r :Redact
+nnoremap <leader>r :Redact<cr>
 verbose command! -range=% Redact %s/\v<\d{5,}/redacted/e | %s/\n\?<REFERENCE reda[^>]*>//e
 " Convert TSV to CSV
-nnoremap <leader>c :CSV
+nnoremap <leader>c :CSV<cr>
 verbose command! -range=% CSV <line1>,<line2>!python -c 'import csv, sys, fileinput; writer = csv.writer(sys.stdout); [writer.writerow([field.strip() for field in line.split("\t")]) for line in fileinput.input() if line.strip() \!= ""]'
 nnoremap <leader>J :g/\v:$/normal J<cr>:%s/\v\tHelp$//e<cr>:FixWhitespace<cr>:%s/.*Sort By: //<cr>
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