Ed Brannin  committed 84cecaf

Unmapping <c-c> on all platforms, because man is that annoying in DWM.vim

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 d9e6bfdd902fc661c8fd58ede248ccfc3b3039d7 vim/bundle/vim-surround
 6bfea0006a364c60e5e7e0daecb9a3899312cb58 vim/bundle/vim-trailing-whitespace
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 " Hit ctrl-space to focus the current window in DWM
 " This is supposedly a default DWM mapping, but doesn't work for me.
 nnoremap <c-space> :call DWM_Focus()<cr>
-if has("windows")
-  unmap <c-c>
+"if has("windows")
+  unmap <C-C>
   vnoremap <c-c> y
 nnoremap <leader>s :syn sync fromstart<cr>