Ed Brannin committed bd935c4

Tweaking mappings: c-c and ,s to re-highlight; adding Copy Path menu items.

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 " Hit ctrl-space to focus the current window in DWM
 " This is supposedly a default DWM mapping, but doesn't work for me.
 nnoremap <c-space> :call DWM_Focus()<cr>
+if has("windows")
+  unmap <c-c>
+  vnoremap <c-c> y
+nnoremap <leader>s :syn sync fromstart<cr>
+" Via
+amenu 20.351 &Edit.Copy\ fName :let @*=expand("%:t")<CR>
+amenu 20.352 &Edit.Copy\ fPath :let @*=expand("%:p:h")<CR>
+amenu 20.353 &Edit.Copy\ rName :let @*=expand("%:.")<CR>