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Extracted bindClickBySelector(); added D to draw opportunity cards.

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 * "a" is for try Again
 * "s" is for onwardS!
 * "q" is for "Perhaps not"
+* "d" to Draw opportunity cards (Should this work for "c" too?)
 function bindButtonByName(jQuery, key, name) {
+  bindClickBySelector(jQuery, key, 'input[value="' + name + '"]')
+function bindClickBySelector(jQuery, key, selector) {
   console.log("Binding: '%s' ->", key, name);
   jQuery(document).bind("keyup", key, function() {
-    var button = jQuery('input[value="' + name + '"]')
+    var button = jQuery(selector)
     if (button.length > 0) {
       return false;
   bindButtonByName(jQuery, "a", "TRY THIS AGAIN");
   bindButtonByName(jQuery, "s", "ONWARDS!");
   bindButtonByName(jQuery, "q", "Perhaps not");
+  bindClickBySelector(jQuery, "d", "li#card_deck a");
   console.log("Pretending to Disable key-bindings when using an input or textarea");
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